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Final Round

Final Round

The final round takes place at the Canadian Evaluation Society Annual Conference. The Canadian Evaluation Society and Education Fund will provide free conference registration for finalists and cover up to 80% of costs for travel, accommodations, meals, and a year-long CES membership. Teams and coaches are encouraged to seek sponsorship from their department/faculty or other sources for the remaining 20%.

Explore the general procedure of the final round below, or contact us for more information.

Pre-Competition Meeting

The day before the case competition, all three teams and their coaches will meet with the organizers. You will have an opportunity to see the rooms where you will work and select start times.

About the Working Rooms

The rooms where you will work on the case will have: a conference table, flip chart, markers, masking tape, wi-fi, and outlets/extension cords for up to five computers. Teams are required to bring their own laptops and are encouraged to bring any other equipment or materials you may need, such as a printer or a projector. You are welcome to go to your working room before your start time to set up and organize your work space.

Receiving the Case

A member of the organizing committee will meet your team in your assigned room 10 minutes before your start time. Each team member will be given a hard copy and an electronic copy of the case. Once every member of the team has a copy of the case, the five hour preparation period will begin.

Submitting your Presentation

When your five hours are over, a member of the organizing committee will come to your working room to collect a copy of your PowerPoint presentation on our flash drive. The organizing committee will print a copy of your presentation for the judges. After you submit your presentation, you will have a 60 minute break before you are required to make your way to the presentation room.

Giving your Presentation

Your presentation will be pre-loaded onto the computer in the presentation room, and it will be open to the first slide before you arrive. You will have 20 minutes to present your submission, followed by a 10 minute question and answer period with the judges. Audience members may also ask questions, if time permits.

Scoring and Feedback

The judges will assess your presentation on how thoroughly your team addressed the evaluation requirements, the quality of your presentation, and team members' involvement and collaboration in the presentation and question period. After the judges have deliberated, they will meet together with all three teams and coaches to provide verbal feedback. You will not be told who the winning team is during this feedback session.

Awards Reception

The Case Competition Awards Reception will be held at the end of the competition day to celebrate the accomplishments of the finalists. All finalists are recognized, and the winning team is announced.