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Preliminary Round

Preliminary Round Information


For the preliminary round, each team is required to provide their own work space with an internet connection and any materials they might need (e.g., white board, chart paper, printer) to prepare their submission. Teams can explore any public information that would be accessible by a consulting group (such as websites, articles, etc.).

Explore the general procedure of the preliminary round below, or contact us for more information.

Receiving the Case

When you register your team, you selected a contact person. The day before the competition, the contact person will be sent an email with a team identification number and a website link to the case. Once this website is accessed on the Preliminary Round Competition Day, your team will have 5.5 hours to complete the case and upload your submission to the same website.

Preparing your Submission

Your completed submission will be uploaded to the same website that you used to access the case. Your submission must be sent as one PDF document (not a zipped file of multiple documents). Submissions should be concise; the judges are looking for quality, not quantity!

Keep your Submission Anonymous

It is important that the judges do not know the real identity of the teams who prepared submissions. Your team should only identify yourself using the team name that you registered with. Your submission should also not include any potential identifying information such as names of colleges or universities, cities, or provinces.

Criteria for Scoring

The case you receive will provide a detailed breakdown of how the submission will be scored. In general, the judges will evaluate your understanding of the program, the appropriateness and completeness of the logic model and/or evaluation matrix, appropriateness of the evaluation design, data collection and analysis plan, the assessment of challenges and potential solutions, level of innovation shown, and the overall quality of the proposal including writing style and presentation.

Receiving Feedback on your Submission

The judges may take up to one month to review the submissions and select the top three teams. Each team will receive feedback on their submission.