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Sample Cases

Sample Case Information


The competition uses a variety of real-world cases from across policy sectors, such as health, education, social services and environment.  Every case will present unique opportunities for students to apply and showcase their evaluation skills. Common proposal requirements include:

  1. Articulating evaluation questions, approaches, and methods

  2. Developing or critiquing a program logic model

  3. Creating an evaluation matrix

  4. Identifying mechanisms for stakeholder engagement


Recent Cases Used in the Preliminary and Final Rounds

YMCA of Greater

Request for Proposals for an evaluation plan for a new Youth Cannabis Awareness Program. 

Forum for Young

Request for Proposals for an evaluation of FYC, a program delivered by the Foundation for the Study of Processes of Government in Canada.

Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter

Request for Proposals issued by CWES to assist them in preparing to promote the use of a collective impact approach with other related Calgary agencies. 

If you would like to see more past cases, please contact us!